My Nonprofit Organization

Please go check out my nonprofit’s website at for full information 🙂

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Our nonprofit organization is called Hello Life Eating Disorder Recovery Services and we are based in Longview, Washington. It is our mission and goal to help all people wanting and striving or considering to recover from an eating disorder, help those struggling with body image and help those learn to love themselves. We serve the greater Southwest Washington area.

We believe that recovery is not about the food or the weight, but about self-love, self-compassion and self-acceptance. No one person’s journey is ever the same, and we believe in meeting each person exactly where they are at.

Hello Life helps anyone seeking support or aid in self love. You don’t need to be battling an eating disorder to receive our services: we are open to anyone and everyone in need of any kind of support regarding eating disorder recovery, self esteem, body image and self harm.

For more information about joining our board or staff or about receiving services, which include support groups and mentoring, please email and Follow us on Instagram at Helloliferecovery

On behalf of our Hello Life team, we would like to thank our local nonprofit agencies who have already begun helping us help others in the community and thank you to all our fighters for letting us walk the path of recovery along side you.




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