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Our nonprofit organization is called Hello Life Eating Disorder Recovery Services and we are based in Longview, Washington. It is our mission and goal to help all people wanting and striving or considering to recover from an eating disorder, help those struggling with body image and help those learn to love themselves. We serve the greater Southwest Washington area.

We believe that recovery is not about the food or the weight, but about self-love, self-compassion and self-acceptance. No one person’s journey is ever the same, and we believe in meeting each person exactly where they are at.

Hello Life helps anyone seeking support or aid in self love. You don’t need to be battling an eating disorder to receive our services: we are open to anyone and everyone in need of any kind of support regarding eating disorder recovery, self esteem, body image and self harm.

For more information about joining our board or staff or about receiving services, which include support groups and mentoring, please email and Follow us on Instagram at Helloliferecovery

On behalf of our Hello Life team, we would like to thank our local nonprofit agencies who have already begun helping us help others in the community and thank you to all our fighters for letting us walk the path of recovery along side you.

We would also like to say a major thank you to Keri Verhei at Onthemark Associates in Longivew for donating our Nonprofit logo to us.

Meet our Board of Directors!

shira bio pic

Shira Moskowitz is the founder of Hello Life Eating Disorder Recovery Services. She started her journey to recovery from her own eating disorder two years ago with the start of her blog, Hello Life A Year Without A Scale. Through her blog and path to recovery, she discovered her passion for wanting to help others battling with eating disorders and help them walk the path to freedom.

Shira spent a year as a social services reporter in Washington and is now a crime victim advocate in her community’s local shelter. She believes everyone has the right to learn to love themselves through a variety of different methods; no one person’s journey to recovery will ever be the same.

Shira has spent the past two years mentoring others in recovery, running support groups and writing about her own recovery and she is now ready to help those in her community.

On her free time, Shira can be found shopping, hiking, cooking or Facetiming with her family in California.

Annas bio pic

Anna Leslie, (pictured on the left), is the President of the board and comes to us after losing a lifelong friend to an eating disorder. She has experienced first hand how grief and eating disorders connect with her own losses.

She’s spent 20 years off and on working with the homeless and displaced and has traveled the world with the military.She started her work in New York City in 1985 and traveled the south. Via Chicago, she then came to Longview and lent her hand to the Mental Health Community as an outreach expert.

She has spent several years volunteering for disaster relief starting with 9/11 and New Orleans as a body recovery diver after hurricane Katrina.

Professionally, Anna has helped develop housing programs for the “hard to house” in several states. She continues to fund raise for local non-profits and charities.

Currently she is a community director for the low income and disabled in Longview.

sarah bio pic

Sarah Grothjan is a features reporter at The Daily News in Longview, Washington and is the Secretary on the Hello Life board. She (along with Shira) is the one most likely to be found looking down at her phone instagramming a photo for Hello Life.

A child of the Midwest and a graduate of Ohio University, Sarah relocated to the Pacific Northwest about a year ago. When not helping spread the word about Hello Life, she likely can be found outside hiking, backpacking, kayaking, reading or bouldering.

Rhonda bio pic

Rhonda Stecker is the Vice President on the board and is a high school counselor in Oregon. She wanted to get involved with Hello Life because she sees first hand the impact body image has on teenagers.

“I work with students who are trying to figure out who they are and how they fit into the world, and how they look and feel about themselves has a major impact. They need positive influences in their lives to be able to love themselves for who they are. I have also seen first hand how eating disorders effect all people, from anorexia to emotional overeating, both ends of the spectrum need to be acknowledged. Knowing that you’re not alone with these issues are important,” Rhonda says.

Being someone who has experienced grief herself, Rhonda knows first-hand how essential support is during anytime of hardship in life. She is here to provide that support.

She’s worked in the education community for 15 years, first as a teacher and for the past 9 years as a school counselor. She’s actively involved in the Columbia County community where she lives and wants to help people become the best version of themselves that they can.

Stephanie bio pic

Stephanie Owens is the Treasurer on the Hello Life board and is a proud single mother of two. She is currently performing national service by serving in AmeriCorps. After she completes her work with AmeriCorps, Stephanie will be attending Lower Columbia College in Longview and Washington State University to obtain her Associates Degree in Arts in Sociology and her Bachelor’s in Public Affairs, respectively.

Stephanie believes in empowering others and plans to bring her degree back into the non-profit sector.

Her outgoing personality and love for others makes Hello Life the perfect fit. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, music, and the outdoors.

She says,”Every individual person has the power to change the world. Even if you only change the world for one person, you have still made a difference and that power lies inside each and every one of us.”


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