Who Is Ed?

Most days, almost every day actually, I mention Ed in my blog posts, so let me quickly explain who he is.

Ed is the name I have given to my eating disorder.

It does not stand for Eating Disorder, as I know some people use it when they say ED. It was just convenient for me to name him Ed because that’s the first thing that came to my mind since I had heard the term “eating disorder” get refereed to as ED so often.

I know that naming my eating disorder and treating him like a real person is far from conventional and maybe a little weird, but the idea really works for me, and because of that, I am just going to roll with it.

I decided to name my eating disorder because to me, he is a part of me, and I think he always will be in some way or another. So for that reason, Ed is his own being.

If after reading this page about how I literally gave my eating disorder a name and about how I have totally made him into his own person, you still want to continue reading this blog, then I humbly welcome you to journey with me through this year without a scale and through my first year in recovery from re-gaining my life back from Ed.

With gratitude, hello life.


2 thoughts on “Who Is Ed?

  1. I don’t think it’s weird.
    I also call my “problems with food” ED. It was easier than call it Ana or Mia (a part from the fact that those names reminds me of pro-ana sites and I’m not pro-illness), because i don’t officialy have anorexia because i still had my period and I wasn’t so underweight when I had those problems so I didn’t know how to define my problem (I think maybe it’s EDNOS or OSFED/UFED..don’t know)..
    I also feel it like it’s a real person, or a part of me.

    • Yes ! Exactly ! Ed is a part of us and forever will be . But we can learn how to let him know whose in charge right ?! And that’s what recover is 🙂 taking back our power from Ed

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