What Happens After The One Year Is Over?

Hi everyone,

NEWEST UPDATE: Hello Life: A Year Without A Scale, has now transitioned into Hello Life: A Pregnancy Without A Scale. All the content from A Year Without A Scale is still live and active on the blog and can still be viewed at any time. <3.

UPDATE: As of 2015, we are on the way to establishing our nonprofit so Hello Life can continue to help fighters around the world . Thank you to everyone who shares our vision of self love , self compassion and self kindness.

Until January 21, 2014, (exactly one year to the day that I will have given up my scale), I will write a blog post every single day documenting my journey.

However, once we reach that one year mark, I think it’s important that I let one journey close and let a new one begin.

But that doesn’t mean that this blog will be over.

All it means is that after we reach that one year mark, I will no longer blog daily. Instead,  I will write a post every month letting everyone know how I am doing and where I am in my journey to recovery.

The blog will remain active online, commenting will still be open and everyone can still actively be part of the hello life journey that we’ve started together. I actually hope that we as a community continue to comment, connect and encourage one another even after we hit the one year mark.

Thank you for taking this journey with me.

Hello life.



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