Day 336: Rolling With The Punches

Hello everyone,

So we don’t choose our bad days and we don’t choose life, life chooses us.

It chooses when we face certain issues, it chooses when we face certain destinies and it chooses which battles we each need to fight to make us who we are.

I guess I am trying to say I have learned yet again that we can’t choose the way things happen to us all the time.

So, when I was invited to a totally unexpected dinner yesterday and lunch today with the new guy I am dating, you can see where this lesson was taught to me yet again.

On the day I was really despising the way I looked, I got invited to dinner–a big, heavy, fancy dinner.

And on the day after that dinner where Ed was ready to go crazy on me for what I ate at that dinner-not only do I skip my regular Monday gym session, but I go to lunch (lunch with desserts may I add).

I had to two choices.

One, I could stay in my Ed, anti-social and isolated world, or roll with the punches and just go and get with life’s program, and forget Ed’s program.

And so I rolled with it.

I smiled, and ate, and laughed and was present with everyone around me.

I may not be feeling good about all the food I’ve eaten since yesterday with these unexpected social eating experiences, but I am really proud of myself that I did it.

I rolled with those punches.

I went with the flow.

I did recovery in real life.

It wasn’t what I had planned, which was staying home around my nice and comfortable and safe meal plan.

But, it’s what happened.

In a time in my life where everything from my job status to my body changes to what I will do when this blog is over is so unknown to me, rolling with the punches is the best advice I can seem to give myself.

I guess if we can’t choose our bad days, and we can’t choose what life has planned for us, we can choose to just roll with it.

And on the same note of rolling with things as they come: my Facebook forum didn’t workout.

Either I am technologically challenged or it is just not meant to be, because it’s a public forum and I want everyone to feel safe speaking with each other. So that plan didn’t work.

My next idea is to have everyone who wants to be part of this fighter support group ¬†send me your email, and I will send everyone a group email with everyone’s contact info. We can do a group thread or people can email seperatley¬†with whoever they want.

What do you think?

And as always, sorry if I am repeating myself, but thank you again to everyone’s support yesterday and today. I honestly almost cry sometimes at the beautiful messages and comments you all write, thank you so much.

We are rolling on this journey together, and I am forever grateful for that.

Let’s roll with the unexpected punches, the unexpected dinners, the unexpected issues that are bound to come up with the holiday family gatherings coming up, and the unexpected social eating experiences.

We can do it.

Hello life.