About My Blog

Let me take some time to introduce myself and tell you a little about the purpose behind this blog.

My name is Shira Moskowitz, I am 22 years old and I am in recovery for an eating disorder.  I am studying journalism at CSUN and hope to be an awesome reporter one day.

Now ,I have a few reasons for why I am doing this blog.  The first reason is to help myself.  I have realized that if I am going to go on this journey of one entire year without a scale, I am going to need some kind of outlet to express every emotion I am feeling.  What will those emotions be?  I am not totally sure; actually, I am not sure at all.  All I do know if that whatever it is I will be feeling and going through, I am going to post it all right here to document my journey.

The second reason I am writing this blog is to help others who are struggling like me.  If you are someone who is battling an eating disorder,  this blog is for you.  If you are someone who has ever been at odds with the person starring back at you in the mirror, this blog is for you.  If you are someone who has ever felt insignificant or undeserving of anything short of the best, than this blog is for you.

This blog is for those brave and courageous souls in the world-with or without an eating disorder, who have ever challenged themselves to do something and made the painstaking decision to stick with it and fight as hard as they can to make sure they succeed. 

This blog, my fellow fighters, this is for us.