Time to come together to help others

Happy Tuesday dear fighters,

I want to start this post off by saying thank you to all of our fighters around the world to continue to blow me away every day.

To the fighters who are wearing their Hello Life bracelets, to the fighters in our multiple online support groups and to the fighters who are there for each other every single day, even a year and a half after this blog ended, thank you.

I write this post today to ask for your help.

Some of you may know that in the past few months I’ve decided to launch Hello Life’s nonprofit organization in Washington. Our official name is Hello Life Eating Disorder Recovery Services.

After years of mentoring others and seeing how much our approach to recovery through self-love is needed, I decided it was time Hello Life take on its own new journey in helping others around the world.

It’s been an insane and beautiful journey all at the same time.

Nothing has made me more dedicated to my recovery than launching this nonprofit. I write, preach and teach about self-love and recovery every day now, and on days when I still struggle, it’s not an easy task.

And I do still struggle. My last post on this blog wasn’t too long ago and it was still the worst day in recovery I’ve had in at least a year.

But even when I am at my worst times struggling with Ed, I don’t give up on myself.

I don’t stand on a scale (I sometimes still can’t believe it’s been more than two years now) and I don’t restrict–and a lot of that is because of what I learned from my journey through this blog with you all.

I learned that I am never alone.

I learned that I am never alone in my struggle and at the same time,I learned that I am never alone in fighting for my recovery.

I know that when I make the choice to keep fighting for my recovery, there are 700 other fighters on this blog that made that same choice that day. And if they didn’t make that same choice, then they need me to keep my recovery so I can support and love them through their hard times too.

Hello Life is Hello Life because of you.

It’s Hello Life because of the community of fighters we’ve built.

It’s Hello Life because while hundreds of us on here were strangers, we’re now recovery warriors together.

I am where I am in my recovery and I am in the place to launch Hello Life’s nonprofit because of what I learned here through this journey with you all, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

With that, I will say that our nonprofit takes a lot of work, a lot of energy, a lot of recovery and a lot of money.

Our board and myself are all volunteers and are not paid at all, and we do this work because we truly want to help others and save their lives the way this blog has saved the lives of so many. We want to change the way we approach recovery: with self-love instead of numbers, calculations and rigidity.

If you are someone who is wearing a Hello Life bracelet, this nonprofit is part of you.

If you are someone who has journeyed with me on this blog, this nonprofit is part of you.

If you are someone who has said this blog saved your life, this nonprofit is part of you.

This is our vision, our mission and our passion to help one another.

I humbly ask you, fighters, to please look at our fundraising page.

If you are in the place to donate, I am so grateful. If you are not in the place to donate, I am grateful too and appreciate you being a part of this journey.

If you can share our page on your social media, I appreciate that too.

This is to help me help other fighters.

This is to help me reach others and give them the chance to say, “hello life.”

To donate and view our fundraising page please Click here