Month of Mindfulness Day 19: Try

Happy Saturday everyone,

So I was watching a movie today called Soul Surfer. It’s about a teenager girl who is now a professional surfer, but when she was younger, she lost her arm in a shark attack while surfing.

The whole movie was about her resilience to not letting her lost arm keep her from doing what she loved.

The thing I liked best about this movie is that it wasn’t all perfect. She didn’t just decide to try surfing again after losing her arm and just smile through all the pain and not want to give up.

She tried surfing again. She competed and lost. And then she said she was done forever. She wanted to give up.

And then she got all these letters from people around the world telling her how she inspired them. She didn’t understand how she could have been inspirational if she lost.

But her mom told her it was because she tried.

Try. That is today’s word of the day.

Often times, we hear these sayings like “don’t try. just do.” or “trying our best isn’t always good enough.”

And that’s so not true.

I remember in the beginning of my recovery I used to get so mad at myself for trying a new meal plan and for not living up to it right away. Even at work this week, I got mad at myself for not having perfect stories the first time around-or even second or third time around.

Part of me was mad that I wrote a blog so late last night.

I think I forgot about the power and beauty in the word try. Sometimes doing things is not what’s important.

So back to my word: try.  It’s not a cop out, it’s not an easy way out and it’s not a weaker version of giving up.

Those of us who try are those of us who have the most heart, I think.

It’s easy for someone who is good at something to just do what they are good at.

It’s easy for us to do things that we’re forced to do like make the bed or brush our teeth.

But to try, especially for those of us in recovery or trying to be in recovery, trying is everything.

To try means to take  risk. It means to attempt to actually believe in yourself to try  something that you know will be hard and even capable of not going as planned.

I think we often try things and get so mad at ourselves for not doing it perfectly the right way (myself included-very very much myself included). Actually, I will only speak for myself. I try things a lot and get upset when I don’t deliver how I wanted.

And I realized after watching this movie that the fact that we try is major. The fact that I try is major. It’s huge.

A lot of people would rather not try and just never know what it feels like to try and maybe lose. It’s too much of an emotional risk for them, and I understand that. I don’t blame those people either.

There were a few times at work or in my recovery life this week that I tried to be kind to myself and I wasn’t successful.

But I tried. The effort was there-and right now, I think that’s what counts.

For a really long time before recovery I didn’t even want to try to be kind to myself. It would be too much of a fight against Ed. And now here I am trying, and trying and trying—trying at every single thing in my new life here in Washington.

For today, let’s forget the doing part of life and celebrate the few of us that try.

Hello life.


2 thoughts on “Month of Mindfulness Day 19: Try

  1. Shira, I like focusing on a word for a day and today’s blog was a beautiful example of your writing skill–a joy to read. Thank you.

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