Month of Mindfulness Day 16: For All Of Us Troopers

Hello everyone,

Today I am working the night shift at work, so I was supposed to come in at 1 p.m.

So I had made an appointment to get my hair dyed at 10 a.m.

Everything was going good-I had slept in, I felt rested, I was excited to get my hair done-and then my boss called me right as the stylist was about to get started and told me I needed to come in right then to work on a story that was supposed to run tomorrow.

He was leaving early today so therefore I had to finish it before he left.

So there went my hair appointment. I rushed to work totally unprepared and got hit with criticism all day on two different stories I’m writing.

The one that was supposed to run tomorrow ended up being pushed back until Friday because another big story happened.

Needless to say, after being rushed and criticized all day and almost cried a few times, I am really not in a good mood.

I write this on my dinner break knowing I have to go back to work until 10 p.m.-a full 12 hour day.

But  instead of continuing to sulk around like I have been up until now, I am just going to try to be happy with the positive things today.

So positive things:

1. Got myself a frappuccino from Starbucks  (well deserved, I think, for coming in three hours early).

2. Got my new straightener in the mail

3. The day is almost over and I made it.

With that, I take my bad mood self back to work and try to make the rest of this crazy day.

I really think I was a trooper today and the mindful part of me wants to take a second and give myself a huge high five.

I know I’m not the only one who had a bad day today. We all have bad days and yet if we can find at least one positive in each, I think we’re the ultimate troopers.

Whether you fought for another day in recovery today, wether you broke a food rule, weather you smiled at someone you didn’t like or wether you just got out of bed even though your world is falling apart—you’re a trooper.

For all of us troopers, including myself, hello life.


4 thoughts on “Month of Mindfulness Day 16: For All Of Us Troopers

  1. Over worked and under paid… Which is like most of the population. The great thing is you know your passion and can feel good about what you do even if your boss has a bad day… And criticizes you… You know he would die if you weren’t there. Makes the tough days a but easier to get thru.
    Like your positive mid day list :))

  2. Great job that you were able to come up with 3 positive things about your day! Kudos to you! That’s really impressive when you’re having a tough time. Sometimes that’s the best way to help yourself get through the rough times. I’m proud of you! xoxo

  3. Youre a soilder shush! Good job pulling through your tough day! Now you can sleep and wakeup to a Better day tomorrow / I hope. Positivity is a gift and you have it…keep shining xoxox

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