Month of Mindfulness Day Day 13: The Real Life Version

Hi guys,

Today just wasn’t my day. I was sore from yesterday (my body soreness has still not gone away), I didn’t eat healthy because I was out in the city again and I’m not feeling so amazing about it all at the moment.

I feel like it’s been three days of no self control-although I know that’s only the negative version and the Ed version of things.

The other version could be: three days including  National Donut Day, trying the mystery cupcake challenge and going out and having fun with my friends.

And for now, I am going to leave today at that.

While it’s easy to only look at a negative viewpoint because it might come more natural, for me, it’s worth doing the mental work to see it another way.

It took me a moment to step back and see the other version, but I do see it. I might not feel it 100% and might not even believe it all the way, but the fact is that I see it. And I acknowledge that it’s realistic, even if Ed doesn’t think so. That’s something I could not have done a year ago and for that, today is a success.

Today I pick the other version-my version-the real life version-and not Ed’s version.

Hello life.


3 thoughts on “Month of Mindfulness Day Day 13: The Real Life Version

  1. Good for you! As difficult as this struggle is for you, you can still hold on to the positive. Keep at it as it’s worth it when you can see both sides and pick the one that is more positive for you.

  2. You are driving on the fast lane , you see Ed but only from your side mirror , keep going you are the driver now , keep spraying anti-Ed it does good to all of us readers

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