Month of Mindfulness Day 11: National Donut/Mystery Cupcake Day

Happy Friday guys,

My favorite day of the whole week is Friday because  it’s the day that I know I get a break the next day.

But today I woke up so tired. I knew from the start I would be craving sugar because that’s what  I do when I’m tired to keep myself awake and something to look forward to. At this point, I don’t judge myself for it.

I work full time now and if it happens like that sometimes, than so be it.

So today, for those who are not dessert-aholics such as myself, was National Donut Day.

Everyone in my office knew about it since we all sit on Twitter minute by minute waiting for a crazy tweet to become a news breaking story.

By 10 a.m. after looking at all the tweets and photos about everyone’s donuts around the world, everyone around me wanted a donut-including me. Very much including me.

And so one of my co-workers went and got some for all of us.

At first I only had a quarter of one. But they were right there-and looked so good, and it was National Donut Day.

I wanted to be like everyone else who was partaking in that. So by the time I decided this hours later, my original piece of donut was gone, so I took a new one-a whole new one.

Wow. Whatever Ed thoughts came with it were truly stomped on by the amazingness of that donut. To this moment, I am still thinking about how amazing it was.

Secondly, I saw on Facebook that this new local bakery that opened was hosting a “mystery cupcake challenge.” It was a mystery flavor, and if you could guess the flavor, you got the cupcake for free.

I was planning on going there anyway to get a dessert for someone’s house I was going to for an interview, but seeing that challenge just made it meant to be.

So of course I had to partake in the challenge, right? How could I not? How often do we get to be part of a mystery cupcake flavor challenge?

The lady next to me in the shop was doing it too and she was so into it. I wanted to be into it too. So I did it.

I didn’t get the right answer so the cupcake wasn’t free, but the point is I actually was part of it.

Today is definitely not one of my most mindful eating days-even dinner and some snacks today were not so mindful. But a month of mindfulness–as much as I hate to admit it-isn’t about every single day being perfectly mindful.

It’s about learning.

Today I learned that it’s ok to take part of National Donut Day/mystery cupcake challenge day.

And it may actually be more than just ok…it may actually be deserving of, and to realize that is an act of mindfulness in itself.

Hello life.



2 thoughts on “Month of Mindfulness Day 11: National Donut/Mystery Cupcake Day

  1. How could you leave is hanging like that?! Inquiring minds want to know… What WAS the mystery cupcake flavor?! 🍥

  2. Actually you were mindful…you were being mindful that you wanted to participate in the cupcake challenge. That is a mindful act. Don’t beat yourself up for that. You, like everybody else who’s not in recovery, makes those choices too. You did a great job by choosing to participate in that because it was a fun thing to do (alongside the fact you wanted the cupcake.) And, ya, you didn’t tell us what the flavor was??? Inquiring minds want to know??? 😁 XO

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