Month of Mindfulness Day 6: I’m Not The Only One

Hi everyone,

Today I was reminded of something that I am often reminded about but don’t really take the time to step back and observe and in the theme of being mindful–take the time to be mindful of.

First, I had an interview today with a single mom who adopted two daughters from China, one of whom has a rare blood disorder that she will have to battle with her entire life.

Secondly, we had another Hello Life fighter walk in the NEDA Walk today in Philadelphia, who not only wore a tank top that said “hello life” on the top, but she walked proud and brave.

Thirdly, we had another fighter -actually a few fighters-who are just making insane strides in their recovery all because they are fighting for it each day.

I’ve gotten emails in this past week from so many people who are saying they are struggling with the same struggles of being mindful and learning how to balance recovery and life.

My brother is fighting in a MMA fight today trying to push his career to the next level. He’s trained weeks for it.

Sometimes, actually a lot of the time, especially for addicts, it’s easy for us to think we are the only ones fighting or the only ones suffering.

Many days I have the tendency to sit and think that I am the only person in this entire state whose fighting with my body image, my Ed voices or my desire to learn to love myself.

But I’m not.

I am so not. I actually personally have a close friend here who battles the same thing. And I’ve met a few other people who battle with it too.

I am not the only one fighting to love myself and accept myself as is.

That girl I interviewed today will forever fight to accept that getting blood transfusions every month is her way of life.

Our fighter that walked in the NEDA Walk today fought to be there. I know it wasn’t easy for her to be there because I know it wasn’t easy for me to walk in my NEDA walk last year either. It means you’re openly admitting that your fighting a disease that for a long time you tried to convince yourself you didn’t have.

But yet she did it. She went. She walked in it proudly. She was a fighter.

All the people who emailed me this week from around the world are battling with new jobs, new school semesters, new routines or just finding balance in general.

My brother is putting his hard work, his heart and his vulnerability on the line today when he walks into that ring.

We are all fighting for something: wether it’s our fight for self love, a big win in a fight, a job, a meal victory or just fighting for the strength to wake up every day and give the world our all, we are all fighting in some way or another.

It’s important from time to time, to realize that other people are also fighting and struggling and it’s important to give them that recognition.

For everyone who is fighting, standing tall, and learning how to navigate through this crazy thing we call living…hello life.


2 thoughts on “Month of Mindfulness Day 6: I’m Not The Only One

  1. Hi Shira,
    Being mindful if a full time job, on top of the rest we have to do in the world. Being mindful is something that takes practice. Being Mindful is something that we sometimes do better than others. Being mindful has really changed my life, for the better. We all have different reasons that we begin mindfulness practices. For me it was living in extreme physical pain for a number of years. It wasn’t that I wasn’t living in a mindful state, I was . It just that my mindful state was just being mindful to how I could live in the extreme pain without anyone knowing. I was mindful to always try to have a smile on my face and try my best to never complain. One day I decided I could no longer go on living the way I had been living, as it was taking a toll me and everyone around me. It was time to change my mindfulness practice.

    Now I fight a different Battle of mindfulness, but to be perfectly honest it can be just as hard. After being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and a multitude of food allergies 3 years ago, my mindfulness practice had to change. It now has become one of being mindful of the foods I eat. It has become a mindful practice of always bringing my own food with me almost everywhere I go, weather it is to a dinner party with a few friends, a potluck with many people and especially when i travel internationally. There are even many times where I am somewhere and there is no food I can eat and feel safe. It’s just my lot in life and I except it . It has become a mindfulness practice that no matter how much I just want to be like everyone else and just be able to eat what everyone else is eating, i just can’t. Well i could but if I did I would definitely pay the price. sometimes the price is higher than others but it always leads to the same place, Pain and isolation.

    I can’t even begin to explain how hard it is sometimes, it’s beyond words. I just keep on digging deeper and deeper and being mindful because that’s my only choice. I know that we are fighting different battles within ourselves but they really are the same. How can we enjoy our lives but still live in a mindful way that benefits us and allows us to thrive in a positive way to be able to put that energy back into the world around us.

    I am so proud of you and your desire to find that mindfulness with in yourself and in your journey of doing so you have had such a positive effect on others.

    Love you the most!!!

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