Day 355: 10 Days Left Video

Hi everyone,

Today  marks 10 days left of our one year journey together.

It was a big milestone for me, so I decided to make a small video/slide show of this years biggest moments up until today.

I apologize for the not so great music, which also ends about 30 seconds before the presentation does. I had to choose from the songs YouTube gave me (not many options).

But it really is worth watching the five minutes of it.

Here is to the last 10 days of the beginning of this life long journey of finding true self love and self acceptance–something that no number on a scale could ever give me.

Hello life.


4 thoughts on “Day 355: 10 Days Left Video

  1. Hi Shira. Well done on your video. It’s obvious you have great support from family and friends. Your year has been a wonderful learning experience for you and for us who now have a much better understanding of Ed. Be proud of your journey and yourself.

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