Day 341: A Staycation Done Right

Hi guys,

Let me define for you what the word staycation means to me.

Staycation: A vacation where you don’t go anywhere and stay exactly where you are. i.e: my day today.

I’ve been talking about this staycation for a few days now, ever since I’ve been sick and haven’t been able to work out, but today is the first day that I actually went through with it, meaning I didn’t apply to any jobs or anything, just sat and rested. But I haven’t worked out for a few days now.

The beginning of the day was extremely hard for me, and I was tempted to start going through my old clothes and trying them all on to see how they now fit. Some of you may remember that this was something I used to do a lot but slowly stopped throughout this journey to recovery.

One of the girls in the fighter support group had written that when she couldn’t work out because she was sick, she had made a pro and con list.

So I figured if it worked for her, it has a good chance of working for me too. (And if you would like to be part of the group, all you need to do is use the contact me form to email me and I will invite you to it).

So it took all of 60 seconds to make my pro and con list to my staycation at home today.

Pro: Get to watch all the movies I haven’t seen and watch the Law and Order SVU marathon, get to listen to music, get to eat breakfast and lunch and in bed, and sing in my room to my Pandora.

Con: Didn’t get to burn a few extra calories at the gym.

That is 6 pro’s and only 1, tiny, small, con.

In Ed’s world, this one con is everything. I mean, it should be the deciding factor of my entire day.

But in my world, which is the world of learning how to live in recovery, that con honestly can erase itself from this page because it really doesn’t matter.

What matters is that I found time to rest today.

What matters is that I listened to my body today.

What matters is that I was kind to myself today.

As I was getting a little anxious from being home all day, WordPress notified me that our blog has reached 500 followers today.

From my 5 siblings and parents, to now 500.

It was the perfect reminder of why I am home today; of why I am learning to be kind to myself and to my body and of why I chose the path to recovery.

It was a reminder that while made the decision myself to walk this journey to recovery, I have been so blessed to not have to walk it alone.

We are 500 strong fighters, and each and every one us deserves credit for being a part of each others journey.

You know what else matters today?

What matters is that I actually liked this staycation and I actually am hoping that I don’t need to wait until I am sick again to give myself another one.

Today was a staycation done right.

Who said you need to be sick to enjoy a day off from the gym, or from all of life’s responsibilities?

Ed said that.

What a lonely and sad person Ed is on his way to becoming without me.

Hello life.


3 thoughts on “Day 341: A Staycation Done Right

  1. There is strength and wisdom in numbers. By learning from one in your fighter support group, you were able to successfully control your day and enjoy a staycation. It’s already working. Go fighters!

  2. I’m all about stay cations! I spent some time traveling a couple years ago and as much as I love to drive, I just don’t like to travel. I’m a total home-body who, when going out, prefers local coffee shops I can walk to, preferably with fireplaces!

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