Day 330: Oh My God…I Am A College Graduate

Hi everyone,

I used to imagine how I would write today’s post.

I remember it so clearly.

I was in the beginning stages of writing this blog, and I remember thinking to myself how incredible it would be to write a post about how I graduated college actually being in recovery from my eating disorder; how wonderful it would be to graduate college and not have a number on the scale to ruin my day.

I can’t believe that that post has actually come and that I am actually writing it.

Today, I officially completed my last day of college. I am officially a college graduate.

I mean, I can’t believe I made it to this day while being in recovery.

I had dinner tonight with my best friend and another friend, and we had to end it with Linda.

Lifers, please meet Linda.

She is my chocolate fudge cake at my favorite restaurant (the cake is called Linda’s Fudge Cake) that everyone in my life knows I need to order and have.

Ed and Linda are not friends. There were times where Ed made Linda and I lose connection.

But, through my recovery, Linda and  I have rekindled our spark.

So there are a few things to celebrate today:

I graduated college AND I got to celebrate with my best friend and with Linda. Perfection pretty much.

I thought I had made it through the day without crying, which is what I usually do on any kind of occasion that has some kind of emotion, until I got to my car after dinner.

I had posted a Facebook status about graduating, and one of my family friends wrote “Great job sunshine. Your grandpa would have been very proud.”

Some readers who have been with me since the beginning and who have read my earlier posts about my grandfather, know that he was my heart, my love and my rock and now that he has is no longer physically here, he is my angel.

I tried to not think of him today, because I knew it would make me cry that he’s not here to celebrate with me.

But I also know that my family friend was right; he would have been so proud.

He would have been proud that his first two granddaughters (I have a twin sister who graduated today too) graduated university.

He would have been proud that I shared it with my friends and family.

And he would most definitely had been proud that I shared it with Linda.

On days like today, the power that Ed once had over me is somewhere far away.

Even though he’s here giving me a hard time about Linda, I don’t care.

I finished college while being in recovery today, which means no number on a scale or no calorie count can take away from that accomplishment.

I finished college being able to say that I wrote the best cover stories I ever wrote.

I finished college today and made my grandpa proud.

Actually, I finished college today and made myself proud—and it has nothing to do with what I look like, what I weigh or what I ate.

I am proud.


No Ed excuses around it.

Oh, and I can’t forget to say that I am proud that Linda and I had a date tonight.

Lastly, I am grateful that I am able to celebrate today with all of the beautiful souls who are part of this journey.

Thank you for letting me share this milestone with you guys and thank you for being with me, supporting me and encouraging me along the way.

Oh my God….I am a college graduate.

Hello life.


12 thoughts on “Day 330: Oh My God…I Am A College Graduate

  1. How amazing Shira! All of your accomplishments are something to celebrate for sure, and I’m so happy you were able to truly enjoy your celebration. And yes, Papa would have been very proud…and I’m sure he’s looking down and smiling right now, so proud too! Xoxo

  2. Your Papa was getting ready for you to go to college before you were even 1! He lived for your milestones in life as does grama, and I just know he’s with you today!

  3. Congratulations, you have been achieving so much! 2014 has so much potential for you now that you have a solid base of how to handle struggles as well as successes. I can’t wait to see what you achieve!

    The thing is, you achieved this all on your own, with the “help” of an ED trying to assert itself into your every decision. YOU did this‼️

    I’m so proud of you!

    I imagine this is just the beginning of your celebrations. I mean, you are coming up on your “graduation” from not weighing yourself for a year, another giant achievement. You are amazing, always remember that! ✨🎓🎉

    • Sasha, I don’t know what to say-thank you so so much. Sometimes it’s hard for me to be proud of my own accomplishments, so seeing this comment really brought me a lot of joy. Thank you for your kind words and support and I am so looking forward to celebrating my graduation from not weighing myself for a year with you! Your strength always inspires me, thank you for this comment <33

  4. I just found this blog- you are an inspiration! Congratulations on graduating college in recovery. I also suffered anorexia, and I know how hard it is to stay on track with your recovery. It is an everyday battle to stay strong, but it is so worth it! I love reading the stories of others who have recovered. I wrote about my story on my blog-
    Have a read if you’re interested 🙂
    Thanks again for the inspiration! Katie xx

    • Hi Katie,

      Thank you so much! I am definitely going to check out your blog! The more support we can offer each other, the better right ? Thank you for taking the time to read this and become part of this journey and I look forward to becoming part of yours. Thank you <333

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