Day 328: Go Jenna Jameson

Hi guys,

I was home today watching Oprah’s “Where Are They Now,” show, and there was a segment that came on with Jenna Jameson-one of the world’s most famous porn stars, literally one of the most bodily judged human beings of all time. 

“I used to think I had to be X (not saying the number so it doesn’t trigger to anyone) pounds and look a certain way. Now I let myself eat whatever I want and be like a normal person and I forgive myself if I have a muffin top sometimes.”

That’s what she said about her life now that she’s not a porn star anymore.

I think it just goes to show, once again, how we are so not alone in this battle to true self acceptance.

Eating disorder or no eating disorder, I am starting to think that we as human beings all fight the fight of learning how to truly love ourselves, even the sexiest of porn stars are fighting this fight.

We all fight the fight of loving our muffin tops; or loving our this or that that our Ed’s won’t approve of.

When I saw Jenna Jameson say how she forgives herself for having a muffin top, I wanted to shout at Ed “You see Ed, if a porn star, who everyone once judged her based on her sexy looks could love her muffin top, then I could love myself without your approval too.”

Go Jenna Jameson.

Go me for not only going out two separate times today for both breakfast and dinner, but for also being so present for all of it and not let the food take over me.

Go all of us who are fighting the fight of all learning how to love our muffin, cake, candy, whatever food you want tops/body parts that our Ed’s tell us not to.

Hello life.


5 thoughts on “Day 328: Go Jenna Jameson

  1. Another beautiful post. It’s hard to relearn how to feel sexy. But, if Jenna Jameson can accept her body as beautiful, I think we can too 🙂 So proud of your accomplishments girl. They just keep coming!

    • Thank you Chelsea ! That was my thoughts too ! If a porn star who was judged could fight this fight , we can too. She’s a fighter like u and like me and like so many. I love your comments so much . They either make me smile or laugh or both. Thank you for being such a huge part of this journey and of my recovery ❤️

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