Day 326: Eating Cupcakes In The Sun

Happy Friday everyone,

So I just had lunch/dessert with one of my friends Anna, and I had a little bit of time before I have to go tutoring so I thought I would write about it when these positive feelings are still fresh in my heart.

Hopefully by writing about the positive feelings I have right now, it will keep Ed from coming and trying to ruin it in about twenty minutes when they start to slightly ware off.

Anna and I are Friday lunch and pastry partners.

Whenever we see each other, it’s always on a Friday and we go to lunch and then we go to dessert. Sometimes we get dessert at the restaurant we eat lunch at, sometimes, like last time, we went to a bakery, and other times, like today, we try somewhere new.

Today we went to this award winning cupcake shop by our school.

We actually went in there before eating lunch, made sure the cupcakes were up to our sweet tooth standards, and then drove back after we ate lunch to get our cupcakes.

This lunch/dessert date totally took place in the recovery world, not Ed’s world.

So anyway, there we were, sitting with our Smore’s cupcake and also our mocha chocolate cupcake, just laughing and enjoying and saying how we were happy we could eat like this together.

“Eating cupcakes in the sun, that’s what life is about,” Anna said.

I told her right in that moment that she just named my blog post for today.

What else do I need to say?

Cupcakes in the sun.

Sweetness, company, friendship and enjoyment-on a day that I didn’t workout, on a day that I still don’t have a job-basically on a day that Ed is telling me I am not allowed to do anything but hate on myself.

Well, sorry Ed.

I enjoyed my cupcakes in the sun with my friend anyway.

Hello life.


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