Day 319: Being The Best Writer He Ever Saw

Happy Friday lifers,

This post is going to be short because I’m at a concert with my cousin , and while writing meaningful blog posts are very important to me , it’s also important for me to be living in the moment, and I need to honor that tonight.

Today I had an interview with pretty much the head of my university. It’s for the last cover story of the semester.

At first he didn’t want to talk to me, but after slightly stalking this nice man for two months , he finally did.

When I was leaving his office, he told me I was one of the best writers he ever saw and and he enjoyed my writing. He even named every article I wrote by name.

If I had weighed myself today , I wouldn’t have been able to even see the major honor in that. All I would have thought about was my number and how to make it better.

But I didn’t weigh myself today. I wasn’t a number today .

Today I was the best writer the head guy at our university ever saw.

And on another note, I just want to say that being at this concert with my cousin has led me to the opportunity to have chicken nuggets and ice cream from McDonalds.

I have not had chicken nuggets in years and I would just like to say they are amazing. Truly amazing.

And with that I’m back to living my life as that best writer at a concert with my cousin.

Hello life.


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