Day 312: Las Vegas Check List

Happy friday beautiful lifers,

Before I start today’s post, I just need to say how grateful I am to be a part of this journey with you guys. Yesterday, (Thanksgiving) was an extremely challenging day for a lot of us in recovery,and there was so much support/inspirational comments and e-mails following my post, that I am just blown away.

Thank you for not only being a part of my journey by reading my blog, but thank you for sharing about yourself and your journeys with me. Hearing about how my words are helping others and hearing about your daily journey to recovery is beyond the gift of kindness–that’s the gift of support, and it’s one we all deserve to have.

So on to today:

I am officially in Las Vegas, guys. The land of lights, alcohol, shows, Elvis and no clocks or sense of time; aka the land of fun.

I woke up today so sore from the food yesterday, and I will be honest with you and say that today was not an easy start for me.

Ed was not being kind to me at all, no surprise, and I had to actually re-read my own blog post from yesterday to keep me present and in a positive mind set.

But fast forward waking up and flying on the airplane to a few hours later in this amazing city with my family, I knew if I needed to make this experience an enjoyable one I needed to do it right.

So here is my Las Vegas checklist:

1. Pack only leggings. No jeans or anything that can somehow fit remotely tight or in any kind of way trigger Ed to feed me his lies. After all, I am in post-Thanksgiving dinner mode, and also did I mention, Vegas has amazing restaurants, not to mention a restaurant all devoted to chocolate? So, leggings are the only acceptable pants I will be wearing.

So my suitcase had exactly that: 3 pairs of leggings and some long sleeve shirts.

2. Hide the scale from the hotel bathroom.

For whatever reason, hotels here love to give you a scale in your bathroom. The minute my sister and I saw it, she asked, “do you want to hide it?”.

At first I said no, because I know I am not going to step on it anyway. But after passing it a few times, it was just starring at me and it made me uncomfortable, so into the closet the scale went.

Bye bye hotel bathroom scale.

3. Make sure to buy chocolate for my hotel room.

This is self explanatory.

I mean, what happens if I have a chocolate craving late at night or something?

Of course, Ed told me what a non-disiplined and careless person I am for buying  it, but I don’t care. It makes me happy to have my chocolate here, and while I am not so happy it’s almost half way gone, I am on vacation, so I am living a little.

4. Check where the gym in the hotel is.

OK, so this was a little Ed and a little me. I like to work out because it makes me feel strong, but today, I did’t want to.

Ed and I checked where the gym in the hotel was, and when we saw that it was not only in another hotel, but that I would much rather sleep and take a nap, the working out situation didn’t go as planned.

I’m not sure where Ed even went after that. I did a few body checks, and went to sleep. Somewhere along the way between the body checks and telling me to workout, I must have found the kindness to myself, because the only thing I did was take a 2 hour nap.

Sorry, Ed, working out didn’t make the checklist, but taking a nap did.

5. Last thing on my Vegas checklist–remember to be kind to myself, and when I am forgetting how, re-read my post from yesterday and everyone’s comments that came with it.

Bathroom scale hidden-check
Chocolate in my possession-check
No workout today and nap instead-check
Self kindness-check–well, check in the making.

Last time I was in Vegas, it was about a year ago, and it was a trip for 3: me, my ex boyfriend, and Ed. Ed dominated my whole trip. I remember he let me have two bites of pizza on that trip. 2 bites that he never let me forget the entire time. I was so trapped.

I think it’s safe to say Ed has experienced Vegas enough.

Let’s make this my trip.

Hello life.


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