Day 306: The Power Of Good Company and Chocolate

Hello everyone,

I am so sorry for writing this post so late, but the truth is, that before now, I really didn’t have anything to write about.

I had one of those days where I was stressed out with work and people around me were just really annoying me, and basically just a typical day of stress.

And I think I’ve complained enough this week on my blog about me not finding a job, and being stressed out with school, etc., and I just didn’t feel like complaining about it even more.

Sometimes it helps to write about things that bother me, but other times, it gives them more power, and so for that reason, I didn’t want to write about them today, and I also was just sick of my own complaining.

I was going to stay home tonight, but my best friend came to my rescue and invited me for dinner.

Some awesome food , delicious chocolate covered almonds, chocolate bars and vanilla tea later, I sit here a happy camper again.

The power that some good company and chocolate can have on a person never cease to amaze me, especially when they are more powerful than Ed.

I saw this picture and it reminded me of myself tonight, just happily eating my chocolate and drinking my tea with my friends.


That picture pretty much sums up my night.

I am that happy satisfied little bear right now, simply enjoying life’s pleasures.

Hello life.


One thought on “Day 306: The Power Of Good Company and Chocolate

  1. The old adage that simple pleasures are the best is right on. Also, don’t let the job market get you down. When the economy is really good, the ratio of interviews needed to land a job is 6 to 1. When times are not so good that ratio is higher. Just keep following your dream and you’ll find success again.

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