Day 294: Today’s Scorecard: Shira-3, Ed-0.

Hello everyone,

Because today is Veteran’s Day, a federal holiday, a lot of the U.S. had today off work and school.

Before I begin about writing about today, I would like to say thank you to any of the veterans reading this post, as I know there a a few who follow this blog. Thank you for your service, courage and bravery.

On that note, because my university was closed today, it didn’t feel like a typical Monday.

To begin with,  I didn’t work out today, which is something I usually always do on Monday’s after I indulge over the weekend.

But the truth is, I did my hair yesterday and it still looked really good this morning and I knew if I went to workout it wouldn’t look good anymore and then I would have to re-do it after I showered.

I know this may sound crazy, but today, Ed was just not worth ruining my cute hair, so I decided to not workout.

Scorecard: Shira-1 Ed-0.

Not working out was just the start to my mini Monday vacation that I had today.

After seeing E, I came home and my grandma and sister were going to lunch and then going shopping.

Needless to say, I really wanted to go with them.

So, despite my usual type A controlled personality, I cancelled both my tutoring sessions for today (and let’s hope the parents never find this blog and find out I lied about being tied up in an interview for a story I am writing, and that’s why I couldn’t come) and I decided to go with them.

Part 2 of my Monday vay-kay: lunch with my grandma and my sister.

Yes, lunch.On a Monday- and not on the weekend and not even on a day that I worked out.

Scorecard: Shira-2. Ed-0.

Part 3 of my Monday vacation: Shopping.

I didn’t go for my old “sick” size.

No. I went for my new healthier size.

It wasn’t easy.

There were one pair of pants that didn’t even go up my leg. There was one shirt that could have ripped off me had I turned one wrong inch.

But it was OK. I was OK. And the moment passed.

And, to my pleasing, my sister’s pants didn’t zip up on her either, and while she doesn’t suffer from an eating disorder and therefore that doesn’t affect her in the same way, she was able to look at the pants and laugh about how poorly made they were.

And so I did that too. Stupid, poorly made pants.

Them not fitting me doesn’t mean anything.

How ironic is it that last time I was in this store was the day that I weighed my least in all of my eating disorder, only to go back now walking in there with recovery on my side? And walking out laughing at the pants that didn’t go up even a quarter of my leg?

Scorecard: Shira-3. Ed-0.

So, yes, even after five days of pretty much eating what I’ve wanted, three days of body soreness because of it, and four days of not working out, I still gave myself a Monday Vacation.

And Ed got a vacation today too.Well, OK, not a vacation he wanted, it was more of a lay off or firing, but I just didn’t want him around today.

And also, we already ran out of hello life bracelets after yesterday. But more are on their way =).

Hello to the scorecard being 3-0, and in my favor.

Hello to Monday Vacations.

And hello life. 


2 thoughts on “Day 294: Today’s Scorecard: Shira-3, Ed-0.

  1. That’s so great to hear Shira! Wonderful self-care and self-compassion! So glad you took care of yourself and left Ed behind. Glad you had a fun time with Monique and Grandma!! Xo

  2. Great job defeating Ed today ! I’m proud of you and and sooo happy you came !!! I’m glad you got to share that expierinece together 🙂 love you

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