Day 290: Bon Appétit To Me

Happy almost Friday everyone,

I just have two things to say today:

Ed was really quiet today. He let me eat in peace for the majority of my day and I wasn’t too absorbed in him and his lies.

And lastly, I am about to go to a friends house who is cooking me some delicious Russian food–one of my favorite foods–may I add it’s a very unsafe food as it’s made with many delicious caloric ingredients that Ed hates, but I am going anyway and I am actually excited for it.

Who would have thought that 9 months ago I would have said that I am excited to go eat some  unapproved Ed food?!

I don’t take days like today where I get to live in a few breaths of freedom for granted.

I am grateful, I am appreciative and I am excited to tell you all tomorrow about my dinner that I am heading out to right now.

Bon appétit to me (No Ed, you’re not invited).

Hello life. 


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