Day 289: She Is Living Proof That Hope Exists

Hello lifers,

Today’s post has nothing to do about food or about calories or about scales.

Today’s post has to do about hope.

As part of my senior project in one of my classes this semester, I have to present someone’s oral history to my class.

So today, I got the honor of sitting down with the woman who I chose to present and hear her story.

I’ve known her since I can remember, as she was my neighbor growing up and over the years she became family. 

During my entire journey of this year without a scale, she has been an undeniable source of strength and wisdom for me and she has become to know my entire story as I am writing it everyday, yet I never knew hers.

I could write pages about the things I learned from her today, but to sum it up for blog post sake, I will leave you with the most important elements.

This woman is truly the definition of a fighter and a conquerer, and let me tell you why.

She experienced an extremely unfair and unjust childhood, she didn’t have an easy adulthood and she never had anything handed to her.

She could have let life defeat her. She could have let her own Ed (whatever kind of monster he may be, doesn’t have to be with food) defeat her. 

But she didn’t.

She told me that it took her until the age of 50 to learn a lot of life’s major lessons, such as that everything happens for a reason and that there is strength behind that.

At the same time, she told me how happy she was for me that I am getting my life together at the age of 23, at the very beginning of it.

Lesson number 1: It is never too late to change your life. It is never too late to change your destiny. And it is never too early to start either. Regardless of the place in life anyone reading this is at, it’s never too late to strive for the changes we know we deserve.

Secondly, at the age of 70 (how old she is now) she has signed a book deal where she will publish three books and on January 7, 2014, her first published book will be hitting book shelves.

She said that this is the most accomplished she’s ever felt in her entire life, as well as the most proud of herself she’s ever felt.

Now, keep in mind, this book is partially a memoir about herself tied with a mystery story.

It was her way of using her hard life experiences and turning it into something for other people to read, learn from, and enjoy.

Writing this book, along with quilting that she also does, gave her a chance to reflect back on the hard things she endured as a child and both as an adult and it helped her turn those negative experiences into something she learned from; into something that healed her and into something that inspired her.

This woman is hope.

She is living proof that hope exists.

Lesson 2: She is living proof, that regardless of the fight each of us is fighting, wether it be an eating disorder or any other fight that life has told us we need to become warriors for, she is proof that it is possible to not only use our suffering and pain as a way to grow, but proof that it is possible to find self acceptance and happiness at the end of it all.

Above all, she was a fighter turned conquerer. 

I left her house, the house that I once sat in every Wednesday afternoon and quilted dresses for my dolls, leaving truly inspired.

One day, I will be a conquerer too.

Hello life.


2 thoughts on “Day 289: She Is Living Proof That Hope Exists

  1. How blessed we all were to have Her right down the street to inspire you (and is all) from a young age. Not many people leave footprints on others lives and hearts the way she has to so many.

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