Day 285: Let’s Make A Toast

Hi everyone,

I was thinking about what to write about today thinking that I have nothing to say, until I read a saying in a positive thinking book that I have that said “If you could make a toast to yourself today, what would you raise your glass to?”

So of course, you can see where this post is going…

It took me about an hour or so to go through my entire day thinking of what positive thing to toast to when I realized I actually had way more positive things to cheer to than I thought.

Some of them may come off as small or insufficient to someone else, but to me, these things are worth toasting to.

So here we go onto my virtual non-alcoholic toast to myself for today. And please feel free to share any toasts you have for yourself as well.

Today I make a toast to…

The laughter I experienced when talking to my sister about me sleep talking last night

The two more spoons of chocolate peanut butter ice cream I had

The cream (yes cream, not milk) that I totally did not measure and used in my coffee this morning

The delicious piece of black and white cookie that I got for my sister yet ate some for myself anyway

Today I make a toast to…

The 285 days of hard fought recovery that led me to be able to even acknowledge these small victories today

The fact that my voice, while maybe shakey during hard times like eating today, was stronger, louder and more definite than Ed’s.

Today I make a toast to…

Another day without a scale.

Another day without a number to define me.

Another day that reminds me of why I chose recovery.

And to the fact that these good days seem to be coming more often than not.

Today I toast to…

Another day of hope.

Today I toast to…

The fighters, warriors and souls who are all on the journey to self acceptance just like I am. It is your strength, perseverance and commitment that inspire me everyday.

And of course, Ed is trying to interrupt my toast right now and that’s OK. I’ll continue anyway.

Lastly, I toast to another day of living in recovery and I toast to being able to say “hello life. “




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