Day 280: Somehow, Someway…I Will.

Hi everyone,

I will.

That is what I kept having to tell myself today, and am still telling myself right now as I write this.

Sometimes “I will” is all you can say. and it’s all you can do.

Today, I had many “I will” statements to myself.

When I woke up stressed out because I had so much work to do and therefore had to cancel going to the gym I had to literally sit, take a deep breath and tell myself, “I will be OK. I won’t workout today, and I will be OK.”

There got to be a point in my day where I was so overwhelmed, the only thing I could tell myself was “I will, I will, I will.” It wasn’t even followed by anything, because today was so chaotic with life being life, that I couldn’t even put in that next word.

I just knew that somehow, someway, I will.

And now that I am sitting here after not having my greatest day in recovery in terms of eating, because when I am stressed out, my hunger cues are the first thing to go, I sit here and remind myself of the saying I have been telling myself all day.

I will.

I will have this last meal.

I will get done what I need to get done.

I will take tonight one minute at a time if I have to.

I will put one foot in front of the other and move forward.

I will let myself cry again if I need to, and then,

I will move on.

I will carry my head high into tomorrow, even though I know I’ve had better days in recovery.

I will make tomorrow better.

Whatever your “I will” statement is for today, I hope it brings you hope, strength and courage as mine have to me.

Mini cry sessions and all, I will get past today and I will give tomorrow all I’ve got.

If Ed can’t be the one to comfort me today, than who will?

I will.

Hello life.



3 thoughts on “Day 280: Somehow, Someway…I Will.

  1. I will add one more “I will…” statement. I will be reading your blog as often as possible. What a wonderfully honest and heartfelt post! Thank you for sharing of yourself so openly and honestly. You should know that if you keep writing like this, you will touch a lot of lives. Again, thank you for your post!

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