Day 274: If She Can Go 209 Days Without A Scale, I Can Go To A Basketball Game

Hi everyone,

Here is today’s breakdown:

My newest article is due in two days.

I won’t have time to work on it later tonight because a friend is taking me to a basketball game for a belated birthday gift and Ed said I needed to go to the gym this morning.

The facts that remained this morning were this: that I need to write my article because I won’t have time later, and that if I go to the gym, I won’t have time to do that.

So, this is when I had to prioritize.

If I put Ed first, he gets first priority, and my article would then get last priority, making my recovery kind of last too.

At this stage in recovery, I am too aware of the consequences of doing that could be suck me back into Ed.

I was blocking my grandma’s car in the driveway this morning, and I knew she had to leave by 11 a.m.

If I left my car there, it would have been my motivation to leave by 11 a.m. to go to the gym too, so I wouldn’t block her.

I literally had to go and move my car right when I woke up so I could not use that an as excuse to go workout.I don’t know how I got myself to go do it with Ed yelling in my ear, but I did.

But I am glad I did, because I sit here 6 hours later with my article pretty much done.

However, the idea of not working out and now having to go eat unsafe food is overwhelming me at the moment, and it’s giving Ed a lot of fun material to tease me with.

But right before I wrote this post, I was reading some comments that other bloggers left me on some of my posts a few days ago, (the most heartfelt thank yous to windwhisperings and Sasha).

Sasha said that my blog was part of the reason she gave up her scale ,and has been scale free for 209 days now.

It just made me think for a second, that if she could give up her scale for 209 days, and I’ve given up mine for 274 days now, then can’t I go to this basketball game and go through the motions of maybe eating some different or unsafe foods?

I don’t know why, but knowing someone else gave up their scale for 209 days  is a lot more motivating for me today than to look at my own accomplishment of  274 days without a scale, so I am going to focus on that.

Sometimes all it takes is knowing that if someone else fighting the fight can do it, so can you.

That’s what those 209 days of Sasha being scale free are for me.

If she can go 209 days without a scale, then I can go to this basketball game, unsafe food and all.

Hello life.






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