Day 255: Being A Part Of Something Bigger And Better Than Ourselves And Ed

Hi everyone,

Recovery was good today for two reasons:

1. Eating was easier today, but because I played it safe, which isn’t bad, because safe means the meal plan, but it doesn’t mean that I broke any food rules either.

But I actually think this is OK and I think E would think this is OK too.

We step outside our comfort zones in recovery, just to step into a land of the unknown, and sometimes, we have to settle in over there before we go and step into the next unknown land.

So that’s what I did today, I was settling in this first unknown land from breaking two food rules earlier this week.

2. The second reason recovery was good today was because I was part of something greater than myself and greater than Ed.

If you remember, I just had a huge story published yesterday for my university newspaper (yes, the one I not so mildly freaked out about over 3 grammatical errors), about undocumented immigrants in California soon being able to get a drivers license, once the governor signed the bill into law.

Well, today at 9:45 a.m., the bill was signed and it was officially made into law.

I know that I am not the one who made this law happen or anything even remotely  close to that, but I felt like I was part of it because through interviewing so many undocumented people for my last story, I had been able to get to know a few of the people who it will affect.

It felt really good to be a part of this new law; and that my story gave them a chance to express their voices about it.

I know this doesn’t necessarily have to do with eating disorder recovery, but in a way, it kind of does, because when you feel like you are a part of something bigger than yourself, it means you realize that your a part of something bigger and better than your eating disorder too, and that’s what today was for me.

Hello to being a part of something bigger than our Ed’s, and hello life.


3 thoughts on “Day 255: Being A Part Of Something Bigger And Better Than Ourselves And Ed

  1. Thank you for posting this. One part of my ‘staying sane’ regimen is to not watch or listen to the news. I avoid it completely which keeps my stress level so much lower, something that is necessary for me since I have PTSD.

    The bad thing is I don’t get to hear wonderful news like this. I live on the East Coast, meaning that if I were listening to people, most of what I would hear would be grief over this, which is utterly frustrating. I seem to be unique (in my area) to truly think on a global level. I am against nationalism, which I think is harming our country.

    If people would give even 2 seconds to think about it; at the base level, when they get drivers licenses that means they have to learn the rules of the road. Don’t people think it will be far safer to have everyone driving know how to drive in our country rather than winging it? Rules of the road in other countries can be very different, I know, I lived in the Philippines and let me tell you, back in the day there were NO rules.

    A big “property line”, i.e., country or even state borders does not make people on one side any different than people on the other. We are ALL people and we live on a small planet so everyone effects everyone.

    How can we possibly ever get to be the United Federation of Planets (Star Trek, hehehe) if we can’t even give our neighbors on our own planet a license to drive.


    As far as appropriateness of posting? I agree with you, this post is a perfect example of eating disorder recovery. There is a world beyond calories and sizes and self-destruction. Your global thinking is worthy of your 255th post!

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