Day 250: Standing Tall

Hi everyone,

On this day…

I celebrate 250 days without a scale.

I appreciate 250 days of living in recovery.

I give up 2 more sick pants to donate.

On this day…

I listened to my body when it was tired to end my morning walk.

I listened to me more than I listened to Ed.

On this day…

I remember where I was 250 days ago.

I remember how I felt when Ed used my weight to tell me how good of  a person I was that day.

I remember those numbers.  I felt like they were  literally inked onto my body.

I remember carrying them around with me every day.

On this day…

I close my eyes in sadness at the prison I once lived in.

Yet I open them to find I’ve begun to set myself free.

Sometimes my feet get tangled in some of the chains that are left behind, and sometimes I fall.

But on this day…

I celebrate the 250 times that I picked myself back up and lived each day in recovery.

I never thought that I could do this, and somehow, I have.

Thank you to everyone, both old and new readers, followers, supporters and fellow fighters, who have given me the strength to make it to this 250 day milestone.

On this day…we celebrate us standing tall without the confinements of our addictions.

Hello to 250 days of beginning my journey to freedom and hello life.



7 thoughts on “Day 250: Standing Tall

  1. So beautifully written Shira! Congratulations! You’re doing an amazing job and you’re a strong and awesome young woman! I love you!! Xo

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