Day 248: Time To Relax With My Dessert

Hi everyone,

I just finished the biggest story that I’ve ever done.  I worked on it for the past week endlessly. 7 days and over 20 interviews later, I feel I can finally breathe and relax.

Simply stated, I never could have done this story if I was living by Ed’s rules.

He would have starved my body, which therefore would have made me weak and unable to focus.

It is because of recovery that I was able to stay focused enough to use my writing skills and my passion for journalism to finish this piece.

It wasn’t easy.

This week has been the hardest week of recovery I’ve experienced in a while because it was so easy to skip meals and blame it on being “too busy,” and it was so hard to take out that time out to eat.

The black and white part of me still does exist, although there is a lot more gray now-I still tend to be extreme at points. If I am working on something, I work until I am done-nothing in between.

But I found a way to shove recovery somewhere in between all those black and white moments this week and it feels good.

So now, I am giving myself one night to breathe and relax, until tomorrow, when I start my new story.

Ed is already telling me to workout tomorrow morning, but I will not.

He’s telling me to not go eat this frozen yogurt that’s in my freezer right now, but I will–because I want it, it looks good and who doesn’t like to relax at home with some kind of dessert?

It only feels right to complete my night like that.

Goodbye Edward, as my dad calls him, hello dessert and hello life.


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