Day 243: Isolating Ed

Hello everyone,

I apologize in advanced for this post being so late and short.

Today was a hard day for Ed and I. He was very loud. He was loud when I went running, loud when I ate, and loud when I got ready to go out.

I know why Ed was loud today; because I had time alone today.

It’s on days when I’m alone that Ed tries to come and keep me company, because up until a few months ago, I would always let him.

Ed wanted me to stay home tonight and isolate myself so he could have me all to himself. And really, I had every opportunity to do so.

But after my brother invited me to go out with his friends and after my best friend told me to go, I decided I needed to isolate Ed instead of isolate myself.

So I went and I am so glad I did. Something about being around others makes Ed shut up.

Hello to isolating Ed instead of isolating myself and hello life.


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