Day 234: It Can’t Hurt To Hope For The Best

Hi everyone,

You know those days where everything seems to not go your way?

Well, that was my day today.

It doesn’t really have anything to do with recovery; in the recovery world, things were OK-my meal plan was on check, my time at the gym was good, and I didn’t body check too much.

In one way, the fact that my eating disorder wasn’t the reason my day wasn’t that great today is actually pretty amazing.

There were days where my eating disorder was all I measured my entire day by-so the fact that it wasn’t a huge factor in today being just one of those not-so-great days leaves me smiling.

I originally planned on writing about why today wasn’t a good day, but now that I’ve just realized all those reasons have nothing to do with my eating disorder, today is not so bad anymore.

It’s actually better than I thought.

A day that wasn’t so great because of others things that I cared about that didn’t have to do with food or weight or calories…maybe that is actually kind of refreshing.

I guess today really wasn’t that bad then-thinking of it, I even had NEDA (The National Eating Disorder Association) tweet about this blog, which is kind of an honor.

The only thing that still is weighing heavy on my heart (no pun intended with the word “weigh”), is the fact that I still didn’t hear from NBC about my job.

The lady said she would let me know by the end of the week.

Tomorrow is Friday, so that pretty much only leaves tomorrow to find out the answer, considering that Friday is the official end of the business week.

I feel like I’m driving through a tunnel with both feet on the gas with my eyes closed just hoping to make it to the other side.

Whatever the outcome, I’ll keep pressing on that gas.

But, it can’t hurt to hope for the best rest?

Hello to tomorrow, hello to whatever outcome it may bring, and hello life.


One thought on “Day 234: It Can’t Hurt To Hope For The Best

  1. Floor it sweetie pie! But open your eyes… The journey is half the fun! Because if the end of the tunnel doesn’t bring what you want you mise well have had fun gassing it thru the tunnel! And then just keep on keeping on … But of course I’m also hoping for the best for you too! xo

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