Day 233: In Honor of 9/11

Hi Everyone,

I am sure you’ve read this a million times today already, but today marks the 12th year anniversary of the tragic events of 9/11.

I’ve thought about 9/11 many times over the years as I’ve grown older; the lives that were lost, the families that were left behind, and the voices of so many that the world will never hear again.

But today, I took a moment and reflected on it in another light.

Since this blog is about my recovery, I will tell you how it affected me in the recovery sense.

I write a lot about how living in recovery from an eating disorder means giving up a lot of control over things that you once had power over; such as control over weight, calories, etc.

Sometimes, well actually, 99% of the time, giving up these controls seems like it’s the hardest thing to do; and usually, at least for me, it takes all of my inner strength to do it.

Now, not to take away from the immense amount of inner strength and fight it takes to give up those eating disordered controls, because it is extraordinarily hard to do-but today when I thought about 9/11, it made me think about control in another way.

What about those people on those planes, and in those buildings, who had no control over their lives?

They had no control over when their last breath would be, over who the last person they saw would be, or over if they would survive or not.

It made my battle with my seemingly massive controls over food and calories seem insignificant; and in the big picture of life and death, they are.

It’s easy to forget how the battles we all fight everyday, are not the only battles that are being fought in the world.

Today, yes, I fought for my recovery.

But at the same time, there were families, children, and loved ones, fighting to hold on to memories of those lost to a tragedy no one could control or stop.

Every moment of every day, we are all fighting battles; mine is with Ed-yours is with someone or something else; but regardless, we’re all just fighting for the same reason: to be at peace.

On days like today, where the lives of so many people are remembered, food really is not important; my tighter clothes are not important; my time at the gym was not important.

What’s important today, is to not only honor and remember those people and loved ones effected by 9/11, but to honor and cherish our own lives, that we are so incredibly lucky to be living.

Sending strength, prayers, healing and hope to all those affected by 9/11.

And in honor of all those who lost their lives 12 years ago today, I am not ending today with hello life.

Instead, I will leave it up to you, what you want to say hello to-and feel free to share it on this post if you would like.

Until tomorrow…

Hello (insert what touches your heart today).


2 thoughts on “Day 233: In Honor of 9/11

  1. Hello life to appreciating my family much more. Hello life to my beautiful family. Hello life to being thankful for my loving, beautiful, big, family.

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