Day 228: Fourth Family Dinner In A Row

Happy Friday all,

Tonight I had my fourth and final big family holiday dinner in a row.

A week ago, I didn’t know how Ed and I would get through these dinners together.

And yes, he was there at every one.

But I sit here tonight, still very full yet again, and anxious about all this weight I feel I’ve gained this week; but I sit here with this feeling of accomplishment.

I didn’t know if I could do these 4 dinners, and I did.

Last year, I would have never celebrated the Jewish new year with four different dinners. Ever. No way.

But this year, I did; even if it meant being outside my comfort zone and disobeying Ed and waking up with body soreness everyday.

Tonight was particularly special because it was my families first Jewish new year celebration at the new house my grandma just bought in San Diego, Ca.

It was symbolic of change and of moving forward.

A new house for my grandma, a new accomplishment in recovery for me, and a new year for us all to strive for whatever it is that truly brings us happiness.

Ed may be harsh on me right now and that’s ok.

He comes and goes, he is loud and then he is quiet .

But my family, they are always here, and always loud (in a good way) and that’s why I know ill be ok.

Hello to the beauty of change and newness, and hello life.


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