Day 227: “I haven’t Eaten Cake In Years”

Hi everyone,

So this is who was at the dinner table I was at tonight (my third dinner out in row keep in mind).


-The seven year old boy who I tutor with his nanny

-The boy’s mom

-The boy’s grandma

-The mom’s friend.

Here is what our dinner played out like.

There was a huge beautiful spread of food out on the table with all kinds of bread, fish, salads and cheeses.

Mom: “Shira, eat the pastry I made, it’s with meat. I can’t eat it, I made it for you.”

She then proceeds to add one spoon of salad onto her plate and one tiny piece of fish too. That was it.

Mom’s friend: “Can I have the bread that is stuffed with the meat please? I am going to eat only the inside and toss out the bread.”

Grandma: “Oh, I am so full. I just get so full even from salad.”(She was thin as can be).

Then there was me.

The mom,the friend and the grandma, all put different food on my plate.

They couldn’t stop asking me to eat more.

Why? Because they didn’t let themselves eat it, so they tried to mentally get full by physically feeding me.

I know this strategy because I used to be the queen of it.

I was known by my brother and sister for always having a full fridge at all times, ready to cook them anything they wanted.

By stuffing them, I could forget about feeding myself. Watching them eat sometimes literally filled me up.

So back to my dinner-

Since it was the kid’s birthday, I got him a birthday cake.

After we sang happy birthday, his mom cut a few massive pieces of cake.

Grandma: “I could eat  a whole chocolate cake. I love chocolate.”

Yet when her turn came to eat cake, she picked at the middle, and quickly pushed it away from her.

Mom’s friend: “No thank you, I will just drink my tea. Can you give me the colonic tea you have?”

Yes, she really did ask for a laxative tea at the dinner table.

Then I asked the mom if she was having cake.

“I haven’t eaten cake in years, I enjoy my figure too much,” she said.


Yes, she is skinny.

But she hasn’t had cake in years. That was so sad to me.

Here I was, literally sitting in the middle of three different women who all had Ed’s of their own-some less, some more, some not even knowing it-but I could feel it all around me.

Their Ed’s wanted to come talk with my Ed-it was like a secret meeting only I could see.

Well, I did have cake, because I felt bad leaving the boy to eat his birthday cake all alone, and it chocolate cake, so what else do I need to say?

And I’m still uncomfortable with the fact that this is the third night in a row that I had a big dinner, with cake. Three dinners and three cakes all in three days-Ed’s having a mini field day over here.

But, I would so rather be the one sitting here saying “I can’t believe I ate cake three days in a row” and got to celebrate the holiday with family and friends, than that mom at the dinner table during her son’s birthday who hasn’t had cake in years because she cares about her figure too much.

Hello life.



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