Day 226: Family Dinner Number 2 of The Week

Hi everyone,

I am sorry this is so late, I am just getting home.

I’m really tired so I’m just going to be brief.

Today was the second family dinner I had in a row.

After waking up sore this morning, I was worried about the food tonight at dinner.

What could I eat? Would I be tempted to eat bad food? What would I do?

Well, here I am, very full and many dishes and desserts later, and I’m not comfortable, but I am OK.

I still spent a night with my family, soreness or not, Ed or not. And that’s a win in itself.

And my life and recovery will pick up tomorrow, fullness and all.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to let myself really eat what I want. Maybe that way the temptation of over eating will not be as strong? Maybe not?

And if not, I will still continue on to my next dinner tomorrow and to my next one the day after that.

It’s the holidays…and I would like to believe everyone eats a little indulgently during the holidays.

Either way-two family dinners in a row would never have happened before recovery.

Here is to the third one tomorrow night.

Hello life.


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