Day 224: Playing It Safe

Hi everyone,

I played recovery really safe today.

What I mean by playing it safe, is that I pretty much stuck to “safe foods,” foods that I know I am comfortable eating.

I did an OK job of staying on my meal plan, considering it was a holiday, so I only woke up at 12:30 in the afternoon.

Of course, the Ed in me was happy, because that meant we skipped our morning meal by sleeping, and we could just have breakfast at 1 p.m, not leaving a lot of space for a proper lunch after that.

I didn’t have a proper lunch. I had a snack for lunch.

Was it my greatest choice in recovery? No, I could have chosen better.

But it was the best choice I could make for myself today, with my time schedule being off, and with not working out because I still want to rest my neck until tomorrow.

With all the major transitional changes going on in my life right now, with starting school again, and writing for the newspaper, and having 3 family dinners this week, playing it safe is going to be alright with me for today.

It’s not forever, it’s just for now.

Ed got to me a little bit today.

He got to me at lunch when I replaced the meal with a snack.

He got to me at dinner when I really wanted to try to cook myself something new, but instead I stuck to a sandwich, because it was safe to me.

He’s still getting to me right now as I think of all the events that are gong to be surrounded by food for me this week.

But, just like everyone else’s life, my life is on a wavelength of ups and downs and goods and bads and even OK’s in the middle.

Sometimes, all of our “ed’s” can get inside our heads a little too much.

My recovery is on a wavelength too.

Today was OK in the recovery world.

I will make sure tomorrow is better.

And as long as I am still dedicated to always moving forward, I happily end tonight with saying, “hello life.”



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