Day 222: A Hard Day In Recovery Doesn’t Mean It’s A Bad Day

Hi everyone,

To sum today up, recovery today was difficult.

I was out with my little brothers all day, and they love to eat-everything.

Candy, frozen yogurt, french fries and a bunch more food I can’t remember. I was really full all day, and felt a little uncomfortable.

But with that being said, just because recovery was hard today, it doesn’t mean I had a bad day. today.

Not too long ago, I would have said a hard day in recovery meant a hard day overall, or a bad day.

But that wasn’t the case today.

Yes, recovery was not easy today, and eating all this food was hard for me, but my day itself, was not deemed bad by it.

My day was actually great, if you take out the food part.

My brothers and I went to an arcade, we went to lunch and pretended it was one of their birthdays to get a free ice cream sundae (we always do this, don’t judge me), we went to see a movie, and we went shopping.

I think the highlight of all of our day was when we were playing the game Deal or No Deal in the arcade, and we chose the case that had 1,000 tickets.

To kids ages 10, 7, and 4, it was like they won the lottery.

Actually, even I felt we won the lottery.

They got to get a disco ball with all their tickets.

Sure, the food was fun for them, and hard for me, but it doesn’t come close to that moment of winning all those tickets, that we shared together.

And as I was dropping them off at home, one of my brothers said “this was the best day of my whole life, thank you Shira.”

That pretty much just made every bite of food and every moment of physical discomfort from being full, totally worth it.

And I also think it’s a pretty cool thing that even though recovery was hard today, my day was still good.

A hard day in recovery doesn’t have to mean I had a bad day, and that is really amazing for me.

And now that I think of it, after this writing this post, my recovery was pretty incredible today-even if it was hard.

I was able to put all of Ed’s thoughts aside, and still enjoy the precious moments in my day that mattered, like winning a 1,000 tickets at the arcade with my brothers, and to that, I say, hello life.


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