Day 207: The Man Who Has Shoes, But No Feet To Put In Them

Happy Friday everyone,

I want to start off by saying thank you so much to everyone who shared their moments of happiness on yesterday’s post.

It truly brought me so much joy to see the kinds of things that made you all smile and it gave me a glimpse into your world.

I am going to comment back on each one in the next few days. Just how you are getting to know me, I hope to continue to get to know you, my readers, too.

So today I am in San Diego with my grandma .

When we were sitting in the car, she reminded me of a saying my grandpa used to say a lot.

“What about the man who has shoes but no feet to put them in.”

He used to say that to remind us and himself, to not complain about the small things in life and that there are others who always have it worse than you do.

The man who has shoes but no feet to put them in, he can complain; he actually has a reason.

While that is very true, I take this saying as something more metaphorical.

How many of us have feet to wear our shoes, yet we act like we have lost our limbs?

Sometimes I get mad that I’ve been dealt this eating disorder .

On days like this past week, where I have been consumed by pictures and mirrors, that frustration heightens.

But when I let that frustration take over me, I am acting like a man who has shoes but no feet to wear them; totally helpless.

I am not helpless.

I am strong.

God wouldn’t give me shoes that I can’t wear.

He wouldn’t give me battles I can’t win.

And he wouldn’t give me feet that can’t carry me through hard times.

I have feet and I have the shoes to wear on them; and I’m damned if I let Ed make me think otherwise.

Hello to being reminded that I am fortunate enough to not be the man with shoes but no feet to put them in, and hello life.


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