Day 195: Sunday Funday

Hello everyone,

I happily start todays post by saying that today was Sunday Funday.

I got a massage, I spent some time with my grandma, and I went to dinner and hung out with my best friend and her boyfriend.

Always on Sunday Funday, there’s yummy food involved . But that food is something that creates bonding time with my friends.

Before I started recovery, Sundays were what I called my “fat Sundays.”

They were my binge days.

Food was a manipulator of Ed’s on “fat Sundays.”

He used the food he let me eat on Sundays as his guilt trip for me to restrict the rest of the week.

Food on Sundays is no longer Ed’s pawn.

Now it’s my pawn; my way to bond and have some fun with others.

Yes, I am already planning on what ill do in the gym tomorrow because I’m a little uncomfortable with all the food from today, but I’m ok with that.

I have learned by now, that I can’t win every single part of Ed all the time.

So if working out for an hour tomorrow is helping me be not as hard on myself today, then so be it.

Recovery is not meant to be perfect, and I’m glad I finally don’t expect myself to be perfect all the time either.

Hello to Sunday Funday and hello life.


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