Day 189: Exhausted

Hi everyone,

I’m so exhausted I can’t even write a lengthy post today.

I spent the day taking care of my grandma .

Long story short, I could have let this be a way to skip dinner since she wasn’t with me at home when it was dinner time, but I didn’t .

I didn’t because if I don’t feed my body , I can’t be present and mentally and physically able to help my grandma.

So, I took care of myself and therefore, by doing so, I was able to help take care of her.

But I need to honor my body when it tells me I need to rest, so that’s what I’m going home to do right now.

Ed might be strong, but he is not strong enough to succeed in making me weak and unable to care for someone I love, and that’s the reason I stuck to my recovery today, even though I easily could have gotten off track.

Good night and hello life.


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