Day 186: There Are Other Things More Important Than The Way My Body Looked Today

Good evening everyone,

Today’s post is going to be short and to the point, because I am really physically tired today.

I came home really late last night, and I knew I would have a big day ahead of me, helping to take care of my grandma, and also to take some time to catch up on some lost sleep.

So, I cancelled my morning gym session so I could sleep for an extra two hours, and I spent the rest of the day helping my grandma.

Simply stated-these things, such as being there for my family and giving myself an extra hour of sleep instead of working out-are things that are far more important than Ed.

In between helping today, and feeling tired and trying to get some rest in between, I didn’t even make time for myself to stand in the mirror and look at my body for too long.

I did it for  a second-and that was it.

I was too tired to care about what I looked like today, and truthfully, there were just other things that were more important than the way my stomach looked in the mirror this morning.

Resting was more important.

Taking care of my grandma was more important.

I feel good that I was able to help someone who I love today.

It’s a different kind of good feeling than the one I used to get when I used to see that I was  X number on the scale-or that I ate X amount of calories.

It’s a totally different kind of self satisfaction. It’s one I can get used to and it’s one that I like.

Hello life.


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