Day 174: Two Dinners and 5 Desserts

Good evening everyone,

Today goes something like this:

I woke up, ate breakfast, went to a pool party.

Then I ate dinner with my best friend and her boyfriend, followed by a big plate of four different desserts.

Then I came home, took a nap, and then ate some more with my sister,(more of a little snack, not really a whole dinner, which was then followed by another dessert, (a few pieces of my favorite candy).

What can I say about it?

The first dinner was fun, because it was a seafood buffet that I had never been too, and it was with friends, so it was a fun experience.

The dessert at the buffet was also fun because it’s a dessert buffet…need I say more?

And the last dinner and dessert, was with my sister, and it was simply yummy.

Did I binge? No.

Did I indulge a little? Yes…or actually, maybe more than a little.

Am I a little too full? Yes.

Am I a little annoyed at myself that I decided to indulge the day before I see my nutritionist and stand on a scale in front of her? (even though I don’t know the number). Yes, I definitely am.

But I am sitting here now in my bed, not uncomfortably full and actually kind of content, and I just know that my life will continue on past these two dinners and five desserts.

At least it was fun, right?

Hello to being able to think that eating these two dinners and five desserts was actually fun, and not totally destructive, and hello life.


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