Day 163: National Compliment Your Mirror Day

Good evening everyone,

I know, it sounds totally absurd, but when I turned on my local news this morning, the news anchors were talking about how today, July 3, is National Compliment Your Mirror Day.

At first, I thought it was a total joke, and paid no mind to it, but when I saw an article about it later online, and researched further, I realized that this unofficial holiday actually does exist.

According to, this holiday is described as:

“Annually celebrated on July 3, it is National Compliment Your Mirror Day.  Find the closest mirror, take a look in it and compliment the person that you see!!  Examples of what you can tell him/her are:  you look great!,  you are awesome!, you are doing a super job!, you are very kind!, you are going to have a good day today! and etc..

The amount of time that you spend talking with that wonderful person you are looking at in the mirror is totally up to you.  It can be just a few seconds or it can  be a few minutes or more.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the greatest of them all…….  It is YOU!”

It made me think about the time I spent looking at myself in the mirror this morning before I got dressed.

What would have happened, had I not scanned my entire body like I normally do, and gave myself a compliment in the mirror instead?

I’ve never done it before.

I actually tried to sit here for a few minutes and imagine what it would feel like to walk up to my mirror right now and give myself a compliment, and for whatever reason, I just can’t imagine me doing it.

I feel uncomfortable with the idea.

I can say things to myself in my head, but the idea of complimenting myself out loud feels almost too real;almost like I would believe it too much; leaving me with unfamiliar feelings that can be come off as scary.

I remember my dad once telling me when I was a kid, that he wakes up every morning and tells himself he is the most handsome man he knows.

And without doubt, he still does that to this day.

Why can’t I do that?

I am not saying to do it every morning, although I imagine that would be a great way to start the day instead of body checking-but I want to do that, at least for a few seconds today.

Maybe it can be a few seconds today, and a few more tomorrow, and maybe one day, I can totally replace my body checks in the mornings with positive self affirmations.

If someone put a mirror in front of me right now with the reflections of all my family and friends, and even of strangers, I would have something positive to say about each and every one of them.

I feel like I might cry if I go and walk up to my mirror and say “you are beautiful” to myself.

It would be sad to me if I said it out loud and didn’t believe it with all my heart, and I think that might be the case at the moment.

But I know the more I say these positive affirmations to myself out loud, the more I will believe them, and one day, live them.

Even though it may be a little bit of a stretch to call it a holiday, I am glad National Compliment Your Mirror Day is today because it will give me the chance to face myself in my own mirror and give myself a compliment.

I think I’ll do it tomorrow morning, instead of my typical body check and see how it feels-I have nothing to lose.

If I cry, it’s tears I’ve tasted before and I know they will shortly evaporate into the air.

If I cringe, it’s a face I know will pass in a few seconds.

If I smile, it’s happiness well deserved.

Whatever the outcome, it will help build my love for who I am, inside and out, and it will help build up my acceptance of myself.

I think about all of you reading this blog today, and I hope and wish that you guys do the same as I do tomorrow morning, and wake up and tell yourselves something good about yourselves.

We all deserve to feel beautiful.

We all deserve to feel special, unique and valued.

But most importantly, we all deserve to love ourselves for who we are, and to that I end this post like always, and say hello life.


One thought on “Day 163: National Compliment Your Mirror Day

  1. I remember just starting out in a sales job and having to cold call strange office in cities I haven’t been selling something I knew nothing about at the time (air freight to be exact) and how nervous I was. My boss told me just fake it til you make it. The more you do it the more comfortable you will be until you aren’t faking it anymore. So yes, stand in that mirror and even if you don’t see it yet (the way the rest of us see you) give yourself that compliment! One day it will be second nature to you!

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