Day 150: Becoming A Senior Reporter

Hi everyone,

Today, my teacher at school offered me to be one of the senior reporters for the school newspaper next semester.

There were so many different emotions I felt when I heard that, but the one that stood out the most was accomplished and happy.

Had this been a day that I started my morning by standing on a scale, I most likely would not even have been able to enjoy this news.

I only would have been focused on doing what I needed to do to make tomorrow morning’s weight lower.

But I did get to enjoy it.

I still am enjoying it.

I got offered that position because I am persistent-because I am good at what I do-and because I am dedicated.

All those traits about me that I once used to cover up and live so perfectly in my eating disorder, I am now using to become successful, and it is amazing.

150 days is another milestone for someone in recovery.

50 days ago I celebrated my 100th day in recovery by enjoying a cake with my family that said hello life on it.

Today, I celebrate 50 days later, not only hitting another milestone, but celebrating what it feels like to be proud of my life and of myself.

Part of me wants to write more and elaborate one how great this day is, but the other part of me just wants to leave it simple and direct.

Maybe I will explain more tomorrow.

But for today, hello to being the newest senior reporter for the newspaper and hello life.



4 thoughts on “Day 150: Becoming A Senior Reporter

  1. Congratulations, Shira. You deserve recognition and acknowledgement for your achievements and talent. As you have recently observed, dealing with your eating disorder has allowed you to walk through so many doors that would have remained closed otherwise.
    Because of you I took my first steps toward dealing with my eating disorder. I bought a juicer and I consulted my internist today. He is solidly behind me, and we are working out a plan that will help me succeed not only in the near term but the long haul as well.
    Thank you for your courage. Thank you for showing me the way.
    I love you.

  2. Watch out world…. Here she comes! I’m so proud of you!!! Papa is smiling up in Heaven saying,”ya baby”!!

  3. 150 days without a scale woooo !!!! Another cake when I’m back :)) and congrats on the position that’s amazing !!! You’re writting is unbelievable the paper is lucky to have you

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