Day 146: Being A Part Of Love

Good evening everyone,

Simply stated, today was a good day.

Now, let me tell you why.

Today was a good day because today, I didn’t let my eating disorder invade my precious time with my family.

Today was a good day because I spent quality time with my family.

I spent time with my family; just me, not Ed.

I look back on last years Father’s Day, and I only remember one thing: what I weighed that day, the amount of frosting I ate off the cookie cake I bought for my dad, and how sick and guilty I felt afterwards.

When I look back on today, I remember laughter, bonding time, delicious food shared with people who I love, and most importantly, I remember love.

Love was all around me today.

It was in the cards that my brothers and I wrote to my dad-

It was in the food that my step-mom made-

It was in the hugs my brothers gave me when I arrived-

And mostly, it was within me.

I loved myself today for being strong enough to leave my relationship with Ed, so I can create closer and more intimate relationships with the important people in my life, like my family, and myself.

I wasn’t part of an eating disorder today.

I was a part of love.

And therefore, by being a part of love, I was part of a more free life from this eating disorder that once tried to take away all forms of love and connection in my life.

Hello to being a part of love and freedom, and hello life.


3 thoughts on “Day 146: Being A Part Of Love

  1. Beautiful words.
    That’s what it’s about..not just fighting.
    I even softened that voice and it doesn’t even say mean things anymore. Love is very powerful.
    Heart smiles –
    Much love –

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