Day 141: The Delicious Plan

Hi everyone,

I don’t have much to say today, so this post will be short and sweet.

This morning, I had an amazing workout with my trainer Kim. I did things that I never thought I would be able to do, and it is because I am getting physically strong now.

Not only am I working on being internally strong, but being able to feel physically empowered is a totally liberating and incredible feeling.

I always tend to eat a little bit more on days that I work out, and I am trying to be accepting of that, and to not be too hard on myself.

So overall, today has been a good day.

I am a little uncomfortable with the food I ate, but it’s not overwhelming me.

I thought that today I would be tempted to judge myself and my body because I shared two delicious desserts with my grandma last night at dinner for my grandpa’s birthday.

But I didn’t judge myself, and I actually think I look pretty OK today.

I actually felt really energized this morning.

I remember telling my grandma yesterday, that the desserts we ate were not on anyone’s “healthy” meal plan, but they were on what I called the “delicious meal plan.”

It was a fun experience to even be able to share those desserts and that sweetness with her.

Today I am trying to follow my meal plan again, because I like the sense of predictability it gives me.

But every now and then, following the delicious plan, especially with someone I love, is definitely something to look forward to.

Today  I say hello to:

-enjoying the delicious meal plan

-feeling empowered in my new stronger recovered body


hello life.


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