Day 133: Unexpected Lessons

Good evening everyone,

I had an appointment this morning at 10:15 with Karen, my nutritionist.

As you know, I cancelled my meeting with her last Thursday because I felt I would break my own promise to myself about asking her if I gained weight-and that was not something I was going to let myself do.

Of course, I was hyping myself up for this appointment since last night.

But this morning, something unexpected happened.

My grandma and I were sitting in the emergency room at around 5:30 a.m, (she had an asthma attack, so that’s why we were there), and these two firefighters rolled this man in on a stretcher.

He was dressed up in a nice fancy suit and looked like he was at work before they brought him in.

As I was listening to all the nurses describe that he said he had trouble breathing as he was driving a client of his to the airport, (turns out he was a town car driver), he had a heart attack.

Within 30 seconds, there were about 20 people all around him, yelling code 54, and they had put him in the room right next to my grandma and I.

They brought out tubes and machines I have never seen before.

“Can you believe that he might actually die,” I remember telling my grandma.

And that is when it hit me.

This man, in the room right next to me, could possibly be at the end of his life.

He had no idea that this would happen today.

He started his day like he normally would-and now at 5:30 a.m,here he was having a heart attack.

And here I was, a few feet away, worrying about how much I weigh.

Reality check. Major reality check.

As I was walking out of the hospital that morning to leave to go see Karen, I saw that man’s family in the hallway talking to the doctor.

It was already 10 a.m. by then, and the doctor was telling his family that he was still having heart failure.

I didn’t have time to see their reaction, but I didn’t hear anyone speak as I walked by.

I didn’t even ask Karen about my weight today.

I didn’t care.

I am not sure if I didn’t care partially because I was exhausted, or because I realized how precious life is, and who really cares about my weight today.

As I look back on this morning as I write this post, I see that I was supposed to be in that emergency room today with my grandma.

I was meant to see this man have this heart attack; I was meant to see the doctor tell his family the devastating news.

I was meant to learn a lesson.

Maybe the lesson is that life is too precious to waste it worrying about the smallest things.

Maybe the lesson is that you never know what can happen, and to enjoy every minute.

Maybe the lesson was that I am supposed to be in every situation that I am put in right now for a reason.

I am not sure which lesson it is-maybe its one of them, maybe its all of them.

But the point is there was a lesson today that I needed to learn , and I was not expecting it to be bestowed onto me.

I sit here wondering if that man survived the heart attack.

I wonder how his family is doing.

I wonder how this day will change their lives, and the way they view life.

Maybe this event won’t change the way I view my whole life, but it changed the way I viewed today.

I didn’t view today as a good or bad day because of my weight-I viewed it as a lesson, and I am going to leave it at that.

Hello to being blessed with unexpected lessons, and hello life.


3 thoughts on “Day 133: Unexpected Lessons

  1. My love, your post today just brought me to tears to see not just how wise beyond your years you are… But that you never pass up an opportunity to learn a lesson… Even when they are lessons that give you a personally deep reality check. xo

  2. Shira, I always learn from your blog and your take on the world or else i’m reminded of life lessons I know and have forgotten. Thank you for a set of fresh eyes and inspiring thoughts as you take this journey.

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