Day 131: Enjoying The Small Things

Happy Saturday everyone,

Today I am challenging myself to enjoy the small things in life.

The challenge isn’t actually enjoying the small things around me, the challenge is stepping outside my own little world filled with thoughts about my body and food, and stepping into the present moment.

I’ve spent enough time with Ed in his trapped box this week, and I need a little break.

Today, I am just trying to enjoy all the small things around me that bring me joy and happiness, that have nothing to do with my body or how I look.

I enjoyed having lunch with my grandma today.

I enjoyed getting my nails done.

I so enjoyed talking with my sister for a few minutes once she landed in Barcelona.

I even am enjoying the fact that my hair dried perfectly after I took a shower.

Right now in this exact moment, I am enjoying the fact that I was able to spend about 30 consecutive minutes on my homework and I feel productive.

I am enjoying that I am going to go to the mall with my best friend for some fun makeup tutorials that I signed us up for.

When I am busy enjoying these small things, it is harder to be sucked in by Ed.

He tugs on me, and I lean in, but I don’t let him grasp me.

I am already thinking about the dress I will wear tonight when I go out…how it will look…the food I ate for lunch…and what I will eat later;

but at least now,  when I have these Ed related negative thoughts, I acknowledge them, and then I continue on with my day.

Before, I would let these thoughts take over my entire day.

But not anymore.

I am progressing.

I am enjoying.

I am living.

I am strengthening.

I am saying hello life.


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