Day 110: Not To Late To Smile

Good afternoon everyone,

I am sitting in the car with my sister on our way to San Diego to see our mom for Mother’a Day.

My day started great . I hardly body checked because I was in such a relaxed state of mind because I knew I was going to spend a relaxing weekend with my mom and sister .

I are breakfast and when I was packing for my trip , I only tried on one pair if jeans to see how they fit, even though I was tempted to try on my whole drawer.

I brought the clothes I know I would feel good in and I showed myself compassion and love .

But on the way here my sister and I got snacks .

I was hungry , and knew I should stop for lunch , but I let Ed get the best of me .

I told myself ill have a bite of a snack and that would be enough . The healthy me knows that would never be enough .

What ended up happening ? I ended up
eating way more snacks than I wanted and it would have been a healthier choice to eat lunch like I am supposed to.

So I have been sitting here so upset at myself over it and even started going over all the food I ate yesterday too.

But I am looking around at the world passing me from this car and I feel like it’s my choice to let Ed get to me right now .

It’s only 3:15 pm and I know I can turn this day around.

I don’t mean that I will restrict because of these snacks – I mean that it’s not too late to smile and change my outlook on things .

Some stupid snacks that I actually happened to enjoy sharing with my sister will not be the end of me .

I have a beautiful day ahead of me with two people who love me and I am going to move forward with that mindset .

My mom and sister are more important than Ed and his ridiculous comments about these snacks or about yesterday’s food.

It’s not to late to smile and make today great , and that’s exactly what I am going to do the minute I end this post .

Hello to smiling and hello life .


One thought on “Day 110: Not To Late To Smile

  1. Have fun girls, happy Mother’s Day n thank u for putting what is really important-first!!! Have fun❤❤❤❤❤❤

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