Day 101: Uplifted

Good afternoon everyone,

Yesterday was such a beautiful and happy day for me.

When I wrote my post about celebrating my 100th day milestone of being scale free and of being in recovery, I had no idea the amount of support and love that would later come.

The warm and touching comments, emails, texts and messages that I received yesterday from family, friends, supporters and followers, have truly uplifted my spirit.

Yesterday was amazing because I was surrounded by support and love.

I did not get to my 100th day milestone alone, and I am so glad that I got to share yesterday with those who have helped me along this journey every single day.

The crazy thing is, a lot of people said to me yesterday, “You inspire me. You motivate me. Your my inspiration.”

Little do they know, that they are my inspiration.

The fact that my struggle and my journey to freedom from this eating disorder can bring others inspiration to break free from their own chains, is really what pushes me to keep fighting during my hardest and most difficult days.

There is no way I would be here without the support of my team, my family, my friends and my supporters and I thank you all from the deepest part of my heart for choosing to come on this journey with me.

I did get a cake yesterday to celebrate, and there were two amazing things about that. Actually, there were three.

The first thing is that I got the cake for myself. Yup, I got myself my own cake.

At first I felt weird doing that, but then I felt strong and inspired, because I felt proud to walk in and be able to feel that I had the right to buy something to celebrate such an important day for myself.

The second thing is the fact that I was able to celebrate with a cake.

It wasn’t a sugar free cake, it wasn’t a cake I didn’t like-it was a cake that I chose and that I wanted.

That cake was symbolic for many reasons, but mostly, it symbolized the sweet things, both literally and metaphorically that I was missing out on for so long when I was so engulfed in Ed, and that now, I am taking those sweet things back and making them part of my new life.

The third thing, is that I got to share the cake with my grandma, my sister, and my aunt and cousin who came to surprise me.

I didn’t expect anyone to come-at first, I thought I was really going to be eating the cake alone. But the fact that they wanted to be part of that celebration,  meant volumes to me.

My sister wrote me a card last night about inner strength. She wrote how proud she was of me. I can’t even put into words, what kind of gift that was. That was by far, the best gift and the best reward that I got for reaching 100 days of no scale.

To know that I am making my best friend and my sister proud-took recovery to a new level.

This isn’t just about me anymore, but it’s also about the people that my journey has inspired and touched and I am blessed to have these people be a part of my life.

I am so uplifted today and I am so excited to take the first step into the next 100 days of a year without a scale and the next 100 days of recovery and of a free life.

When I blew out the candles on my cake last night, I wished for three things: inner strength, self-compassion, and freedom.

Hello to making those wishes come true and hello life.

hello life 100


One thought on “Day 101: Uplifted

  1. So happy we could help you celebrate you’re wonderful milestone!!! Here’s to another amazing 100 days! I love you.

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