Day 98: Winning My Monday

Good morning everyone,

The minute I woke up this morning, I whispered to myself, “today will be a good day.”

I have had a rough few days struggling and accepting the amount of food I’ve been eating and the way my body looks, but today is a new day and it’s a new week and I am ready to make it the best that it can be.

I will go to school today, I will go to work today, and I will be productive today, even with the discomfort I am feeling about my body.

I will do it because I want to.

I want to be happy today, I want to smile today and I want to thrive today.

Today will be a good day and this week will be a good week.

I have a feeling that something really great is about to come my way.

I am not sure what it is, but I know that if I let myself get sucked back into Ed, I will not be able to receive whatever great things come my way this week.

I am actually excited to give myself these self affirmations and I am excited to show Ed that I can and will continue to grow stronger, better, and wiser without him living inside me.

I want to  forget about the food-forget about the calories-forget about the clothes and my body–the important thing is that it is Monday and it will be the greatest Monday I’ve had in a while because I am choosing to make it that way.

I don’t need Ed to tell me I deserve to be happy today because I am a number on a scale, and I don’t need Ed to tell me that I don’t deserve to be happy today because I do not know what I weigh or because I let myself eat.

All I need is me telling myself that not only is it OK to want to be happy today, but that I am capable of making that happen and I am deserving of it.

I am a winner, and I will be the winner of my own Monday. Me-not Ed.

I will make sure today will be a great day.

If I come across bumps, I will ride over them.

If I come across Ed, I will quiet him, and if I come across self doubt, I will remind myself that I am 98 days into recovery and that nothing can or will stop me from winning back my freedom from Ed now.

Hello to knowing that I will make today great, and hello life.




6 thoughts on “Day 98: Winning My Monday

  1. I had a VERY rough start to my Monday, and your words were just what I needed for a bit of a jumpstart to get me back on track. This will be a good week! You’re absolutely right, with optimism comes good results.
    Thank you for your thoughts every day. You’re so honest and uplifting. Perfect for the beginning of the week!
    Hope you’re day is fantastic (I know it will be).
    Stay lovely, you’re such an inspirational person, xx.

    • I’m so sorry you had a rough start to your day =( I hope it was able to get a little better, and thank you for this comment! hearing that optimism spreads help me stay positive myself. Hope you had a better day !

  2. I just love your determination to take be positive! Actions and outcomes begin with what we tell ourselves. Good for you for starting your day off with such lovely spirit!

  3. Beatifull attitute. I love u . U looked so cool with your new clothes friday . U looked amazing. Best I ever saw u love abba. I’m here please lets get toghter not only on fridays. Make time for me love h abba

    Sent from my Galaxy S®III

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